Bagno Vignoni

Bagno Vignoni is an old village in the heart of Tuscany, famous for its natural thermal hot springs, known since the Etruscan and Roman times. Eminent personalities of the past went there to rest and relax, such as Pope Pius II, Saint Catherine of Siena, Lorenzo the Magnificent and many others.

Usually, Italian villages and towns center were built around the main Church. Bagno Vignoni is an exception because it has been built around the hot spring source: the “Square of sources”, namely a rectangular tank, of 16th Century.

Bagno Vignoni

That tank contains the original source of water that comes from the underground aquifer of volcanic origins. I love this lost jewel of the Middle Ages because of its magic atmosphere and strong energy. We will discover it and we will relax in its thermal waters as many past personalities did!

Thermal baths in Bagno Vignoni


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