Pienza is the “touchstone of Renaissance urbanism” thanks to the Renaissance humanist Aeneas Silvius Piccolomini who was born here and later became Pope, Pope Pius II. Once he became Pope, Piccolomini rebuilt the entire village as an ideal Renaissance town. Therefore, Pienza represents the first application of humanist urban planning concepts.

Pienza Pope Pio the II Square

The same urban plan was adopted, after that, in other Italian and European towns. We will visit the beautiful Pienza center with a special visit at Palazzo Piccolomani, the residence of Pope Pius II. The palace is not just a historical building erected in the main square of the town center. It is a beautiful place to admire, with its garden “all’italiana” that has spectacular views into the distant landscape of the Val d’Orcia. You will love it!

Countryside view from Pienza walls


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