The legend says that Siena was founded by Senius and Aschius, the two sons of Remus, after their father’s murder by Romulus. The two brothers fled Rome, taking with them the statue of the Capitoline Wolf, the she-wolf suckling the infants, and they put in their new town. The statue became the symbol of the town and it is in the Castelvecchio neighborhood center, the oldest hill of Siena were the brothers Senius and Aschius founded the town.


Siena was born during the Etruscan and Roman period. After the Roman period, it became an independent state for some centuries. Siena started to prosper as a trading post, and the constant streams of pilgrims passing through the Via Francigena to Rome contributed to its wealth. The first bank of the world was born in Siena: “Banca dei Monte dei Paschi di Siena” to help pilgrims exchange theirs foreign currencies into the roman currency.

Siena from the roofs

Today you can admire the richness accumulated from that period through its historical buildings and churches, such as Piazza del Campo where “Palazzo Pubblico” and “Torre del Mangia” (the historic municipality buildings) are. The beautiful “Duomo” (Siena Cathedral), unique all over the world for its frescos, decorated roof and floor decorations, is close by. I love Siena for its red buildings, its delicious food specialties, its festivals and its poetic profile. My favorite building is the “Duomo” and each time I visit it I fell in love with the past of my land and with my people.

Siena Cathedral floors


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