Torre degli Ammannati

Torre degli Ammannati is a magic experience to get connected with the history of Prato and, in general, with the Italian middle age period. During our trip together, you will discover how important was the tower system for the owner family in the pass.

All the important Tuscan towns had a lot of towers in their skylines. Today there are few example of remaining towers, one is Torre degli Ammannati, right in the historical center of Prato.

It is there since the thirteenth century waiting for us…

Top of Torre degli Ammannati

We will have the big chance to live inside the tower, today completely restored. The owners of the tower Piero and Laura are very good friends of my family and they will welcome us in the best Italian style. They will offer our typical Italian breakfast at the bar in front of the tower with the best Italian coffee of the center!

The apartments are completely furnished and perfectly equipped. They match the classic style of the original materials and architectural elements-stones, woods, cotto floor, historical roofs- with the comfort of the new furniture such as the lovely kitchen, the elegant bed, the wardrobes and the toilet.

Here you will have the perfect comfort and intimacy, this will be your Tuscan home.

Torre degli Ammannati_Pietro Apartment


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